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The MIRACLE WORKER - Organic-All-Natural Cleaning Paste +Surface Scrub, All Purpose Cleaner, Scrubbing Cleaning Paste!  Looking for a Miracle Cleaner? The Miracle all-Natural all-purpose Cleaning & Polishing Paste to the Rescue!

All-Natural Aromatherapy, Eco-friendly, Safe Cleaner for Your Family and Home

This Product is a BIG DEAL and a TRUE All-Around Cleaner!

"The Miracle Worker" Cleaning Paste offers the ultimate cleaning resolute for a wide range of surfaces, tackling everything from bathtub to deep cleaning ovens, carpets + more. This versatile cleaner effectively eliminates stubborn stains, grease and grime while providing a powerful cleaning experience.

Complete Eco-friendly & All around Safe for Your Home

Our natural multipurpose cleaner is made with a unique blend of ingredients, essentials and packed in environmentally responsible materials, making it family safe, pet-safe, home safe, and earth safe.

We are a User-Friendly & Versatile Cleaning Paste

The Miracle Worker" is a colorless paste cleaner with NO ADDED DYES, NON-TOXIC, All Natural, designed for effortless use by anyone. Just adhere to the instructions on the package for the specific surface type you're working on. Serving as a versatile cleaner, it eliminates the need for multiple household cleaners, saving both money, storage space and most of all, Time to do things you have not had time to do. Our all-purpose cleaning paste acts swiftly and efficiently, simplifying the cleaning process and allowing you to prioritize what truly matters.


Quality & Trust You Can Count On:

With a legacy of trusted quality, "The Miracle Worker" is proudly crafted in the USA by a family-owned cleaning business located in Durham, NC. For many years, it has been a cornerstone cleaning product for "My Cleaning Lady Cleaning Service of Durham NC," leading the charge in providing earth-conscious cleaning solutions. Our renowned products have been cherished by local customers and the clientele of My Cleaning Lady Cleaning Service, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Proudly manufactured by a family-owned Cleaning Business Owner in the Heart of Durham, NC.

ENJOY OUR UNLIMITED 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

With hundreds of delighted customers, our small family business stands behind its products. If you're not completely satisfied with any of our cleaning products,  return product for a full refund of your purchase price!


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